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 XMas PROMO 2k

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PostSubject: XMas PROMO 2k    Sun Dec 23, 2012 5:32 pm

Yahran Online Announcement: XMas PROMO ang Pina ka Astig na LARO Yahran Online
Hnd Tulad ng iba ka unti lang nag CCW dito Masaya na MAdame kapa makaka laban kasi madame nag CCW

Panorin nyo Youtube Video para ma saksihan nyo


No lag / No Wipe Out / Subok na MAtatag at Matagal

PROMO 2k Php For Full Donate Items

1) full Devil Accesories +100 Def & Attack
2) Assasin Set + 100 Def & Attack
3) Ep8 Wings +30 Hp 15% Regen +100 Def & Attack
4) Full Skill with PUM Buffs & Madness Buffs
5) Auto Max Rb 600
6) Special Fix Stat
7) Max Vit 60k Fix
Cool +100 Weapons
9) + 1k YR Points
10) + 1k Vote Points
11) + 1k Rb Points
12) free Change name
10) + No Xpire Anime Costume

What Your Waiting Grab this PROMO Good for 16Days

Start Dec 15 2012 to December 31 2012

Contact: yahranonline@yahoo.com

Website: server.yahran.com
Forum: yahranonline.actions-24.com
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