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 Character Report Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]

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PostSubject: Character Report Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]   Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:05 pm

Many many people reported many players in a wrong way and with a lack of evidence so their reports have been rejected.
So this is how you report, if you do not follow this form
you will be automatically rejected.

Name: ]Your own character name]
Reporting: ]The character you are reporting]
Date: ]When it happened]
Reason: ]Why you are reaporting]
]here you post the LINKS to the pictures or videos, this must include
clear screenshots with one of them with a warning, without warning
screen it will be also rejected automatically
Comment: [Just your story or any comment if you like]
*Your ]REPORTS] must be in ]ENGLISH] or else it will be ignored*

*Rules for Players*
1: No kill stealing
2: Use of Violent and harsh words
3: Racism
4: No harrasing of other players
5: No hacking or exploiting
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Character Report Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]
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